Terms and Conditions

We look forward to welcoming you at Boutique Gite 5. When you make a booking you are entering into an agreement with us. Please read our terms and conditions of booking below. These terms and conditions are valid for all bookings made after 1st January 2022, all bookings made before this date, please refer to the terms and conditions provided at the time of booking (we can resupply if required). 

Boutiquegite5, 75 m2 / Boutiquestudio5, at: 5, Rue de L’Église 34360 Prades-sur-Vernazobre for the stay of maximum 2 persons.

1. The tenant declares to occupy the rented property personally, to live in it as a “good family man” and to maintain it properly. All appliances are in working order; complaints made more than 24 hours after arrival in the rented property will not be accepted. Any repairs required as a result of damage caused by negligence or poor use of the rented property will be at the tenant’s expense. The tenant will also take care not to cause any nuisance in the neighbourhood.

2. The rented property is let furnished and equipped with kitchen utensils, dishes, glasses, blankets and pillows, an inventory list of which is available as an option. If necessary, the landlord or his representative is entitled, upon the tenant’s departure, to charge an amount for cleaning the rented property, as well as an amount for the value of items, furniture or materials that have been broken, soiled, destroyed or damaged and those items that have been used during the rental other than for their intended purpose, the price of cleaning soiled blankets, a fee for any damage to curtains, wallpaper, ceilings, carpets, rugs, windows, beds, etc.

3. The tenant declares to be insured against the Third Party Liability arising from the rental. In the event of non-insurance, the tenant himself shall be liable for the cost of the damage and the interest on this cost. The landlord is obliged to insure the rental property and the tenant is obliged to notify the landlord within 24 hours in the event of damage in the building and its annexes or associated buildings.

4. The tenant may not refuse the lessor access to the rented premises if the lessor or his representative so requests.

5. Use of the swimming pool, gymnasium and all associated facilities in and around the buildings and grounds is entirely at the tenant’s own risk.

6. We are not liable for lost property in and around the buildings and grounds.

7. Parking on our own ground is entirely at your own risk.

Cancellation conditions

If an agreement is cancelled by the tenant, the following cancellation costs are due:

a. Cancellation up to 90 days before arrival: the down payment, 20%.
b. Cancellation from the 90th day up to the 28th day before arrival: 60% of the rent.
c. Cancellation from the 28th day up to the 7th day before arrival: 90% of the rent.
d. In case of cancellation as from the 7th day or later: the full rent

In case of non-payment of rent and or in case of not respecting one of the conditions of the contract and 8 days after a reminder sent in vain, the landlord may terminate the contract with immediate effect.

Rob Pikaar and Marco Kamphuis